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"THE BEST! Fast shipping and great quality. Couldn't ask for anything better for my Jeep!"

- Krystal B.

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I'm just a guy who at the age of 18 caught the jeeping flu, and not only developed into an avid jeeper, but also a contributor to the jeeping community! Now our family has grown to be a family of four that includes our two pups. When we aren't in the shop working crazy hours to fulfill orders, we love to travel with our many jeeping friends and explore some of the hardest trails the United States has to offer (that is when I'm not in the shop fixing our jeeps from the last major breakdown). We couldn't be more grateful for the support the jeeping community has given us!


1986 Comanche Buggy

- Pitbull Bias/Ply 44x19.5r16.5 

- TMI weld on beadlocks

- 1998 ZJ 5.2 Drive train

- NP231/Dana 300 doubler

- 18" Sway Away 2.5 Remote Resi coilovers

- Full rear bobbed and tube chassi rear

- ZKD Front Bumper

- Trail Gear Full Hydro Steering

- Dana 60/Sterling 10.5 rear fully locked

- Aluminum Dash

- Triangulated 4 Link rear 

- Clayton stretched front Y-Link suspension

- Arctec front and rear truss

- Tanka seat Harnesses 

- 20 gallon fuel cell

- Doug Thorley race headers

- Ported Intake and Heads

- Upgraded and flashed computer

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